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Optima Tax Relief Reviews Tips Taxpayers should follow when Choosing a Tax Preparer

As taxpayers get ready to file their 2021 taxes, one thing they should consider is if they will be hiring a tax preparer. Tax filers should be aware that they are still responsible for the information that is placed on their return regardless of who files their taxes.

There are several types of tax preparers that taxpayers will need to determine which tax preparer best fits their current needs.  Here are some quick tips to help you choose the best possible preparer.

Optima Tax Relief reviews what taxpayers should know when choosing a tax professional:

  • The IRS provides a directory of tax preparers on their website. Taxpayers should be aware that the list that the IRS provides is not a complete list; it does provide knowledgeable enrolled agents, CPAs, and attorneys, as well as those who participate in the Annual Filing Season Program.
  • Taxpayers have the option to check a preparer’s history with the Better Business Bureau and can also verify an enrolled agent’s status by visiting the IRS’s website.
  • Taxpayers should be cautious of tax preparers that claim they can obtain a larger refund compared to other tax preparers. Hiring someone that claims they can get you a larger refund could lead to possible tax problems with the IRS in the future.
  • It is important for taxpayers to ask their tax preparer how they plan to file their tax returns. If a tax preparer e-files their return, a taxpayer can expect to get their refund quicker.
  • Verify that your tax preparer is available to file your taxes. It is important for people to verify whether or not their individual or firm will be around for months or years after filing their return.
  • Ensure that the preparer you chose signs and includes their preparer tax identification number before submitting it over to the IRS.

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