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Optima Tax Relief Helps Taxpayers Understand your IRS Notice or Letter

Taxpayers who receive a notice or letter from the IRS should review it immediately. The letter or notice will typically explain the reason for contact and also instructions on how to proceed forward. Should you agree with the information the IRS has provided, then there is no need to contact them.

Individuals also have the option to search their notice on the IRS website. If the notice does not return a result or you believe the notice to be suspicious, you can contact the IRS directly in order to determine whether the IRS is attempting to contact you or if it is just a scam.

Optima Tax Relief looks into additional information taxpayers should know should they receive a notice or letter from the IRS.

Why did the IRS notify me?

The IRS will forward a notice to a taxpayer for the following reason:

  • You have a balance due.
  • You are due a larger or smaller refund.
  • They have a question about your tax return.
  • The IRS needs to verify your identity.
  • The IRS needs additional information.
  • The IRS changed your return.
  • The IRS needs to notify you of delays in processing your return.

What steps should you take after receiving notice?

  1. Read the notice or letter that was sent to you. If the IRS has changed anything on your tax return, it is important to compare the information provided in the notice or letter to your original tax return.
  2. Respond to the notice if it is required or if you feel the information provided to you is not correct, you can reach out to the IRS to reconcile the issue. There are two main reasons you will want to comply:
    • Minimize additional interest and penalty charges.
    • Preserve your appeal rights if you don’t agree.
  3. Pay any balance you owe in order to avoid any additional fees. The IRS provides payment plan options to Individuals who are unable to afford the payment in full.
  4. Keep a copy of your notice or letter for your tax records. These documents may come in handy at a later date.

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