Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Self-Hosted WordPress
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Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Self-Hosted WordPress

In the world of websites, servers and hosting are the foundation stones. This means many things. But most importantly, the quality of the website. Having managed WordPress hosting servers guarantees reliability and uptime.

Downtime is very bad for websites for two main reasons. The first reason is the loss of potential clients. A client might try to find other options if he/she cannot access your website during downtime. The second reason is reputation. A website that faces many downtimes risks having a bad reputation. Both of these problems will cause damage to your revenue and business growth.

For that, it’s important to distinguish between managed WordPress hosting self-hosted WordPress. This blog post will cover the essential information that you have to know to distinguish between these services.

First of all, let’s define Managed WordPress Hosting?

               As the name suggests, managed WordPress hosting takes care of itself. This means that your website will be automatically secure, updated, and overall run smoothly. Managed WordPress hosting guarantees more privileges and features that make it more efficient in running a website, better than self-hosted WordPress, shared hosting, or VPS hosting.   

               It’s estimated that a managed WordPress hosting runs faster than self-managed WordPress because they come with many features that facilitate running a website.

The Services Offered with Managed WordPress Hosting

Automated Backups

               Various companies offer different services, but automated backups are a must-include feature. Automated backups are essential because you don’t ever want to wake up one day and find all of your data lost.

               Automated backups, which have to be included with a managed WordPress hosting, will ensure that to never happen. With Self-hosting WordPress, all of those tasks that could be automated will be your burden to carry.

               You should also consider a company that stores the backups and hosts the website on different servers. In the case of technical difficulties or damage to servers, you don’t want both your website and backups to be lost.

Performance Monitoring

               Monitoring your website is like monitoring your health. You have to always consider Murphy’s Law, which states that anything that might go wrong will go wrong eventually. By monitoring your website, you will be able to apply that law to help you predict potential problems and deal with them before they miss things up.

               That’s a lot of work that will probably take a lot of your time and might get complicated. For that reason, the best WordPress hosting like such as GoDaddy WordPress hosting will take care of monitoring your website.  

Scanning and Removal of Malware

               Cybersecurity is the most important thing for a growing business. It could be a hard task to keep things secure with self-hosting WordPress. We’re not speaking, of course, of people who are specialists, but as a website owner who isn’t very well-versed with the technicalities, managed WordPress hosting is the best option.

               Not having a secure website can jeopardize both your clients and you, which will impact your business very badly. Your reputation might be harmed or even destroyed if your website is not secure enough or has a history of breaches or other cyber-threats.  

Unmanaged or Self-Hosted WordPress

               Managed WordPress hosting is great. But let’s define self-hosted WordPress because it also has its benefits.

               For tech-savvies and all of the programming magicians who are all about flexibility and full control, Self-hosted WordPress is the best option. A specialist will want to have a self-hosting because they would want to be able to do whatever customizations they want.  They can always change hosts whenever they want in the case of not liking one.

Managed WordPress hosting or Self-hosting? 

               Well, you know yourself better than anybody else. If you’re a person who wants to save time, energy, and resources, you can have managed hosting. If not, and you’re a person who is capable of maintaining a website, then go for self-hosting.

               Different people appreciate different services; that’s why hosting companies offer a variety of options that will fit the needs of those people. It’s always necessary to understand your situation and needs. That’s how you can find the best services that will satisfy your needs, your website’s needs, and your business’s needs.   

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