Common WordPress SEO Problems And How To Fix For Better Rankings
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Common WordPress SEO Problems And How To Fix For Better Rankings

SEO newbies make SEO mistakes because they are not aware of basic SEO practices or do not understand them properly. 

SEO is a rapidly changing industry and what worked a few years or months ago may not work today. That’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date and stay informed about the latest SEO developments.

Avoid these SEO mistakes in WordPress

SEO is a constant job: optimizing your website, creating content, getting links, etc. It is important to be organized and take things seriously.

Being among the first places in Google ensures a large amount of traffic to your website, so you must follow the best practices to achieve this.

Not using a keyword research tool

Some people believe they cheat somehow using a keyword research tool before creating their content. This is not the truth; it is actually a major SEO mistake.

Keyword research tools or Google keyword tools will give you a clue as to what queries people are typing in the Google Search Box. By including these keywords in your articles or pages, you can make the content more relevant to your users and easier to understand for search engines.

Your descriptions and page title are not unique

For SEO signals, the title of a page is very important. This is the first thing search engines and users read when they try to understand what a page is about.

If you do not give them a title that is meaningful to both (search crawlers and users), you will minimize your chances of ranking high on Google (and other search engines) and also drive visitors away from your web page.

Not connecting your website with Google

Like the big company that does not want us to position ourselves and be able to make a profit. But the truth is that the main job of this search engine is to give its users the best results for the searches they do. So, your task is to make sure that you are the best result. That when people write or search for your service or product they find you. Being the best result, you will be able to reach the top of Google faster than you think.

That said, we mention the SEO error, this is: not connecting your website with Google. Many sites do. They are a failure that we can see as silly but that affects us a lot. Tools like Google Search Console or Google Analytics are basic if you want Google to take you into account.

The first, formerly known as Google Webmaster tools, is very useful. This allows you to tell Google which pages and posts are on your site, as well as where they are. It also tells you when you post something new. In return, you receive information from Google about whether you have problems on your site such as broken links, HTML problems, among other details. It even tells you what searches your site is showing for.

Wrong use of schema

Schema mark-ups are codes that help Google and other search engines better understand the content of a site’s pages. Using schema mark-up, for example, you can enter your address and phone number so that Google can use its algorithms to understand how well your site relates to keywords relevant to the place they are searching. So Google can figure out who you are and what services you provide to users.

This will obviously increase the site’s ranking and make it more visible. But if you make a mistake in the implementation, this feature will be against you, because it confuses Google in identifying you and your services. The best way to get out of this problem is to have a deep understanding of the schema and how it works.  For beginners, we suggest reading structured data.

Forget inserting internal links and related posts

Linking to similar and related content on each page can increase the time a user spend on the site and is also a positive signal for search engines in the ranking. However, adding irrelevant links or weak content will backfire.

If you do not want to get too many internal links on the site, you can use the method of inserting related posts at the bottom of the page. Use a suitable plugin to do this so that we can display posts with similar topics to users.

  • Conclusion

Now we suggest that you read the items listed in this post again and check them on your website. This will ensure the presence or absence of these common problems on the site. Another influential factor in work experience is the quality of site hosting. A weak host reduces the loading speed of sites and harms users. Be sure to use a quality host for this purpose.

Your goal should be to provide quality and relevant content to users in the right way and at the highest possible speed. This is the only right way to keep users satisfied.

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