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Optima Tax Relief Reviews Common and Costly Errors Taxpayers should avoid when Preparing their Tax Return

John Mcneotis
One of the most important ways taxpayers can reduce the number of errors they have on their tax returns is by electronically filing them. Most tax software programs do the math for individuals, flag common errors, and prompts taxpayers for missing information. Using tax software can also help a taxpayer......
PIK - economy during the coronavirus
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How To Reactivate The Economy During The Coronavirus?

John Mcneotis
During the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), governments and emergency services are focused on immediate needs: increasing the capacity of hospitals, tackling hunger, and protecting families and businesses from evictions and bankruptcies. Much of the funds that currently flow from the World Bank, the IMF, other regional development banks, or central banks......
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How Companies Can Boost Business By Using Pay By Text Virtual Terminals For ‘Buy Here, Pay Here’ Payment Collection

John Mcneotis
With a large number of credit unions and banks offering drive-through-only facilities to their customers, in-bound phone calls have boomed – creating a strain on customer service resources, and frustration for customers alike. To add to this, due to the current unprecedented economic climate, loan delinquency rates have been through......
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Optima Tax Relief Helps Taxpayers Understand your IRS Notice or Letter

Rebecca wilson
Taxpayers who receive a notice or letter from the IRS should review it immediately. The letter or notice will typically explain the reason for contact and also instructions on how to proceed forward. Should you agree with the information the IRS has provided, then there is no need to contact......

Save Time And Money With Monoprice Discounts, More Opportunities More Deals

Sarah Petterson
Recently, several marketplace companies and online stores have been increasingly creative in increasing sales and attracting buyers. Such as discount ‘war’ to attract buyers’ attention. Another way to provide gifts or other excellent services that often make consumers confused about which product is the most economical and suitable. However, there......

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