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Self-hosted WordPress: 8 Benefits of Self-Hosting

Top 8 Benefits of Having a Self-Hosted WordPress Website                For any of you free-spirited people out there, who don’t want to be restricted by anything, a self-hosted WordPress website is what you’re looking for. It’s a great option that will allow you to customize your......

What is Dedicated WordPress Hosting?

What is Dedicated WordPress Hosting? When you create a WordPress website of any size you want, there are many things you need to do and decisions to make. Aside from designing and developing the website, you have to find suitable WordPress hosting. If you don’t put your mind to finding......

Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Self-Hosted WordPress

In the world of websites, servers and hosting are the foundation stones. This means many things. But most importantly, the quality of the website. Having managed WordPress hosting servers guarantees reliability and uptime. Downtime is very bad for websites for two main reasons. The first reason is the loss of......

What’s good about Managed WordPress Hosting Sites?

                WordPress is amazing! WordPress commands more than a third of all the websites on the entire internet. It’s virtually the number one option for people who aren’t very experienced in creating websites. Now, many WordPress hosting sites provide managed hosting plans. What are these managed WordPress plans?                 Managed......

Where can I find Cheap WordPress Hosting?

               There’s no doubt that WordPress is perhaps the best option when it comes to building a website. Cheap WordPress hosting comes with many interesting features and plugins that every website owner would appreciate.                However, even though......

The Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting?

               It’s already well-established that WordPress is the number one option when it comes to creating a website. 30% of the websites on the entire web are powered by WordPress. A big number of these websites have managed WordPress hosting.        ......

Do I, Really, Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

You’re still not quite sure which hosting plan is the right one for you? Perhaps, you’re new to this domain, and you have the slightest idea about what is all of this managed WordPress thing is all about, which is natural. For that reason, we are here to explain why you need......

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